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Magnetic Dinner Menu System + School Lunch Bonus

Magnetic Dinner Menu System + School Lunch Bonus

I hate the dreaded question… “what’s for dinner?”. I hate it even more that I’m always asking that question of my self and begging my family members for input. The truth is that most of the time they don’t care. So as matriarch of this family that is a decision that I ultimately have to make. Not only that, but it’s my responsibility to make sure that we have all the necessary ingredients for every meal. I am really tired of the last minute trips to the store which always cost more. (Cause there is always something else I forgot I needed. LOL) So after browsing the web desperately looking for an idea that I could adopt to to our families needs which includes FLEXIBILITY! In the past I have written everything on paper, and had my recipes in various places, etc. It was just not working.  I found a blog on pinterest with a very detailed magnetic menu board. It looked so clean and flexible. But a little more complicated than I needed. So I basically just simplified the board for the things that are important to me.

Here is hers.



She has a lot of information on hers and I am in awe of how she keeps track of it all. Check it out, she may have more information in hers that you find valuable.

Here is mine.

My menu board


I used this magnetic dry erase calendar that I bought a while back cause it was on sale at FM for pretty cheap. The orange one is just a plain 2 dollar magnetic white board and it just holds all my extra magnets. In retrospect I wish I had a white menu board, but I’m gonna use what I have. Yellow is main dishes, green is fruits and vegetables, and purple is starches. A lot of the time I’ll actually make both a veg and a starch, and some of the meals I will omit the meat if I’m feeling like a vegetarian style dish. I have white labels with things like, OUT:, LEFTOVERS, TAKE OUT, and NEW RECIPE. This enables me to mark the days when I don’t actually cook based on our schedule. I have a recipe card for most of my main dishes and a few of my sides. Those cards color coordinate with my magnets. Since I already know how to make the majority of these recipes they are primarily to help me with my grocery list!

Here’s what my recipe cards look like.

Recipe Cards


I used ink Postcard printer sheets for the recipe cards and magnetic sheets to print my menu items on.



My son is just as particular about knowing what he’s having for lunch. We have struggled all year with his need to know, and my inability to get my crap together early enough to let him know. I keep the items that he gets to choose from to just the main item. I reserve the right to use whatever side items I need to make it a balanced meal. He seems to be happy with this new system. He was very excited to see it, and we’ll see if it works. 🙂 My daughter doesn’t care as much, but she rarely wants a sandwich of any kind.

Lunch menu board


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