LeAnn Rimes and Tyler Stenson

LeAnn Rimes and Tyler Stenson

I was really looking forward to this concert even though Devin wouldn’t go at all. So I invited a friend and we had a ladies night!  This was not a sold out concert and I thought it was strange. LeAnn Rimes is a pretty big name. Apparently there was some scandal about her taking someone’s husband or some such… however, I am not up on all the drama and really don’t care. I like a good chunk of her music and that’s all I care about. 🙂

About the venue: This was at the zoo again. Again, first in line! I really enjoyed being able to show my friend how we do concerts! This is the first concert I’ve been to where there’s been so much  room on the concert lawn. It was strange to see everyone sort of stretched out.

About the music: This was a really fun concert for me. I love me some country music. We went up to the front of the stage and enjoyed an up close view. She was really relaxed and chatting with the crowd. She sang her heart out. My favorite part was when someone yelled out “what’s your  favorite song?” She replies “Dave Mathews, Crash into Me” And then the ask her to sing it, and she totally does. She has someone bring her a phone with the lyrics and the guitarists and drummer pow wow for a few to get it together and then she totally sings it. It was a little rough but for just pulling it off on the fly like that, I was impressed. She shook our hands so many times… she played with the bubbles that someone kept blowing at her. It felt really intimate and personal. It was nearly as good as just hanging out with her. LOL I got a guitar pick from her bass player Joey. It was just a standard blue one, but I know where it came from! LOVE IT!

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