Randy Newman

Randy Newman

My first response when the hubby wanted to go see Randy Newman, was “Who?”. Then he explained who he was, what he sings and even played some of his songs for me. Ok, other than the Disney/Pixar songs, I’m still scratching my head a bit. Although, that short people song is pretty funny, if you ignore the incredible bias going on. But hey, some of these concerts are ones I picked so I’ll play along. 🙂

About the venue: For the first time so far, NOT a sold out show. The only real difference is that you have a little more breathing room on the lawn. 🙂  I love that you can put your chairs down in line and actually go enjoy the zoo too. Took the kids first thing in the morning and we had a great time! Plus, we were first in line again. People (staff) are starting to recognize me… LOL

About the music: OK, so the first major difference is the smaller crowd. Second major difference is that the only thing on the stage is a huge (amazingly beautiful) piano. For some reason it hadn’t clicked before that this was gonna be a piano concert. For a guy who is getting up there in years, he is still a wonderful piano player. He was very talkative, and mostly hilarious. Some of what he says you kinda have to ignore if the bias type comments bother you. Everyone sat through the whole concert which I totally expected and it was a relaxing change of pace actually. We had a really great time, even the kids enjoyed it. They didn’t know any of the songs except the Toy Story song but I think that they are really enjoying the atmosphere.

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