Super Diamond

Super Diamond

I was really looking forward to this concert. We have actually seen Super Diamond before at The Crystal Ballroom. I love Neil Diamond’s music and these guys are just really great performers. Devin’s mom and friend Paul joined us and the kids were there too. It was a really good time.

About the venue: This concert was at the Bridgeport Village shopping center. I went early because I had no idea what to expect. Basically they set up a bunch of chairs and since it was free as soon as the chairs were set up you could claim a spot. I didn’t leave the area once I got us a spot but I suppose I could have. A lot of people laid towels over the chairs to save them, they have obviously been there before. They sold beer, wine, and mixed drinks around the area. ┬áIn the future, I won’t bother getting chairs or going early to this venue (unless I want to shop of course) because it was much more fun to just be standing up in front of the stage.

About the music: Since I was there so early I got to watch Super Diamond set up and sound check. It really was like a personal concert. I chatted with the drummer a little bit and I was able to get my hands on a signed guitar pick (signed by bass player Matt)! Awesome. They of course performed beautifully. Even though, the Surreal Neil was obviously suffering from a sore throat as evidenced by his constant spraying his throat. I felt bad for him but it certainly didn’t show in his performance. They were all very interactive with the crowd and we had a great time. Averie got a picture with the Surreal Neil and I got my picture with the oh so cute guitar player! We will continue to see this band for sure.

They had a local afterschool program called “school of rock” there to open for Super Diamond. They were kids 8-18 and they weren’t too bad. One in particular was a young kid (maybe 12) and he was an unassuming looking kid with a polo shirt buttoned all the way up. Then he opened his mouth and this deep sound came out that you just weren’t expecting. Not too shabby.

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