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Chioma’s Diaper Cake

Chioma’s Diaper Cake

DSC02097One of my dear friends is having a baby soon and for her baby shower I made her a diaper cake. I love it! It turned out great. We had a lot of fun, and it turned out to be the longest baby shower I’d ever been to, but it was wonderful to celebrate Chioma’s soon to be entrance into the world.

I didn’t take great notes on how I made this thing so I’ll attempt to recount for you. I started with a clear plastic tray that I got from the dollar tree. Then I took an empty paper towel roll and taped it standing up to the center. I used packing tape cause I felt like it would be stronger. I taped it up and down from the tray to the roll on all four sides. Then I taped around the roll to hold down the 4 strips. Then I also taped the 4 strips down on the tray. (I hope that makes sense)

Next I started rolling diapers. I am very careful not to open the diapers because I want them to be usable. Then I wrap the small little elastic bands meant for little girls hair (also purchased at dollar tree). I couldn’t find clear so I used black but since I wrap ribbon around the layers anyway, it doesn’t really matter. Then you start to wrap the diapers around the paper towel rolls. Once you have gone all the way around, I used cheap dollar tree curling ribbon, cut close, to hold them in place. Then I do another ring, and again wrap them with curling ribbon. The bottom layer of this cake has 3 rings. I took two of the diapers out of the middle ring and stuck down a large bottle of baby shampoo. Then I start on the second layer. The second layer has 2 rings. Again I took out one of the diapers after I had it all tied up and stuffed a sample size bottle of baby wash. The top layer of the cake just has one ring of diapers.  I can’t remember exactly how many diapers I used. I bought 2 9 dollar packs of size 2 diapers but only used about 5 from the second package. Next time I will just buy the next size up package and not have so many left over. (Although I just gave them to my friend and she will still get to use them) I use size 2 for two reasons. One, the size works well on the cake and two, most everyone buys newborns or size 1, so now she will have some size 2’s too.

Then I chose a pretty butterfly ribbon that I found at the dollar tree and the fact that it was sheer didn’t even register as a problem for me until I went to put it on and you could see the curling ribbon and the black rubber bands through it. To solve this problem I went into my bin of party supplies and found pink streamer. I wrapped that around the layers first, and then wrapped the butterfly ribbon and it turned out great. After that I just tied little toys, pacifiers, decorations, etc to the cake. I tied ribbons to the individual items and then pinned them to the butterfly ribbon because I didn’t want to put pin holes in the cake.

Then on the front of this cake, it is a little hard to see because it blends in, but there is a wooden letter “C” for baby Chioma. This I bought at Walmart for 2 dollars and some change. Then I decorated it with Washi Tape and added a flower and butterfly to it. Now she can put this up somewhere in her nursery area.



After I attached the C to the cake I used t stems of fake flowers bought at the dollar tree. I pulled the little purple  flowers off the stems and sort of just scattered them around. The white flowers had three sections that I pulled off the main stem and put those around too. Lastly I found a pack of little pink rubber duckies at dollar tree and I just sprinkled a few here and there. I love the way it turned out and she did too, and that’s all that matters!

DSC02157 DSC02145


Last year I did a diaper cake for my cousin, it was my first one and I did it similar to this one although I don’t really remember all the details. Here is a picture though!