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Kenny Loggins (And Never 2 Late)

Kenny Loggins (And Never 2 Late)

We went and saw Kenny Loggins at the Marion Co. fair in Salem, OR. Of course the benefit of going to a concert at a fair is that you get to go to the fair! We were really excited to see Kenny because our wedding song is a Loggins and Messina song. It’s Danny’s Song. My favorite thing he said during the concert “I’ve never played in front of a hot dog stand before, but it’s making me hungry!” LOL

About the venue: Ok, we had no idea what to expect. We bought $40 tickets to see Kenny here and we got to be second row. It was AMAZING to be that close. I got some really amazing pictures and the excitement level was way up there. I do not regret having bought the tickets given who it was we were seeing. We were on wooden benches that numbered about 45 seats across and there were about 40 rows I guess, with 4 ft chain link fence all the way around. HOWEVER, if you do not feel the need to be that close there is plenty of seating around the fence for free, or actually the cost of the fair. So I will know in the future, that if it’s not someone we want to see up close and personal, then we can literally go for the cost of fair admission. It’s not a huge fair and we didn’t ride any rides but we walked through and looked at animals and ate food that was really bad for us. LOL They did have this really awesome kids zone thing that my kids would not have left, I guarentee it. It was a bunch of different blow up features, plus these huge clear balls that you could get inside and roll around on the water, giant bungee jumpers, zip line, and mechanical bull riding. I really wish we had the kids with us. LOL!

About the music: OH MAN! Let me tell you, Kenny’s still got it! My only thing was that he played our song FIRST and I just wasn’t ready for it. Don’t ask me what I needed to be ready, but I just felt… not ready. He had his new group, Blue Sky Riders with him and they played a few of their songs. They were pretty good actually. Not that I’m surprised with Kenny in the lead. After that he went on to sing his heart out. That guy has a falsetto (I’m sure I spelled that wrong) that doesn’t quit. I really enjoyed myself from beginning to end. At the end of the concert the guy next to me took his mom’s record up and Kenny signed it. Then he went back up and got me a guitar pic. SWEET! I would definitely see him again if he comes to town. It was a really great show.

BONUS: The band that opened for Kenny Loggins was called Never 2 Late and the base player was my high school basketball coach. So fun to see him play in his band and they were pretty good. They rocked a lot of great covers. I facebooked him later and begged for a guitar pick from them too. He sent it. I got me a little collection going. Wahoo! Wish I had thought of it earlier. LOLDSC03318 DSC03325 DSC03328 DSC03346 DSC03348 DSC03364 DSC03368 DSC03380