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2013 Seaside Adventure

2013 Seaside Adventure

We headed to the beach for the weekend. Probably our only chance given our crazy concert schedule. We stayed at the Thousand Trails campground which is back behind the outlet mall. It’s an ok campground. It seemed like it was in a wet sink hole or something. It rained in the mornings. It was kinda nice cause they did “bring your own fork” smores one night, and then an ice cream social the next night. There was also a really nice pool and a hot tub and showers. If we were in an RV (more protected from the rain/mist) this place would have been stellar. No beach access of course but it’s not that far of a drive.

We bought a stunt kite and had a really great time. We went to Seaside one day, shopping in cannon beach the 2nd day, drove to Arcadia and then hug point looking for sun, didn’t find it so we drove back north to Gear hart and played in the sand and watched the cars get stuck. We flew our kite some more but the most fun was watching these dumb people ignore the signs that say 4 wheel drive only, and every one of them got themselves stuck. It was really nuts. There was a guy waiting up there to pull people out for a $20 tip. I really could have stayed all day watching these people get their cars stuck. The last day we saw a small sun break and decided to go back to the beach in Seaside before we headed back to Portland. So glad we did. The sun finally came out and we even got a sun burn. The kids played in the sand, we attempted to fly the kite but there wasn’t much wind, we walked the beach, and really just enjoyed ourselves.

Mishaps: Ethan and Averie both (despite our directions) didn’t bring any pants, and Averie didn’t bring a sweater, even though she was wearing it moments before we loaded into the car. So we had to stop and buy pants and a cheap sweatshirt.

Other than that, we enjoyed our time and we got a super cool kite!DSC03695 DSC03665 DSC03676 DSC03680 DSC03686 DSC03691

These pics are from Seaside beach on the first day!


DSC03711 DSC03713 DSC03700 DSC03702 DSC03706 DSC03707

These are from the campground.


DSC03723 DSC03716

This is from the second day- so weird that I didn’t take many pics. Wish I would have taken some of the stuck cars.


DSC03751 DSC03755 DSC03738 DSC03742 DSC03744 DSC03745

This was our last day in Seaside and it turned out to be beautiful.