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Counting Crows and The Wallflowers

Counting Crows and The Wallflowers

This was a concert we were really looking forward to. We love a lot of the music between these two bands. I wish we could have afforded to bring the kids or at least Averie because “the parking lot song” as she likes to call it, or “Big Yellow Taxi” as I believe it is called is one of her favorites. No idea why, but she just loves it.

About the venue: This was our first time seeing a concert at Maryhill Winery. It was pretty awesome. We did not get reserved seating for this one (not till Willie) so it was general admission. We didn’t know what to expect for a line so we got there at 2, concert started at 6. We were definitely the first ones in line. Well technically there were two other groups before us but there were 4 lines. It was a looong hot wait. For this concert it was not necessary to get there that early. They opened the gates at 4 but we found what we thought were perfect seats and there were still open spaces next to us and in front of us for at least 30-45 minutes. And there really aren’t bad seats here as the lawn is terraced. The next best thing is that it’s a WINERY, hello! Great wine! If I wasn’t allergic to red wine we’d join the club. Another cool thing was that right behind the sound booth is vacant because no one can see over/through it whilst sitting down. This space became the dance floor and oh boy did it get used. By us too! Overall we really enjoyed the venue and really look forward to the next concert here. My only complaint was that they didn’t sell reisling down on the lawn so in order to get it, we had to hike up the big hill to the tasting room and buy it there. But really that’s not bad considering how I needed to work of all the cheese and salami we ate while we were waiting. 🙂

About the music: We really enjoyed the music. I had a hard time deciding which band I liked better. They were both really good. They both played for about an hour and 50 minutes with about a 20 minute break in between for equipment swap so we really got our monies worth. There were several songs by both bands that made the whole crowd stand but overall it was sitting and standing mixed. There is NO CHANCE at getting near the stage with general admission here. So, no guitar pic for me here. Oh well, 🙂 One bummer is that they didn’t play Mr. Jones and one other hit song that I can’t remember the name of. I’ll come back and edit this as soon as I remember. Other than that I had a wonderful time!

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